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As a practicing chiropractor, I got tired of using the same ineffective "normal protocal" treatments that most other doctors were using to help patients.  I wanted a better way - a way that a) involved the patient directly, and 2) actually WORKED to get the results the patient wanted without having to come in for a zillion visits!  

I also wanted to find out what kept them (and me) from attracting more money, better health, or better relationships.  

I found out this key has to do with what I called "hidden decisions" that run our lives.  Most people (including most therapists) are totally unaware of these decisions and, consequently, can do little or nothing to change them.

My procedure was  drop-dead simple, the results were mind-boggling. Those who took part during the early days reported positively with testimonials about how these few sessions changed their lives forever.

It was then that I started looking around to see if anyone else had discovered this method.  I searched for years but found no other technique that was like this one.  That's when I started giving sessions.  At first, these sessions lasted hours . . . I didn't give up until both I and my patient were satisfied.  

In another year or so, however, the time for each session was reduced drastically - to 30 minutes or less, with the initial session lasting about an hour.  Now sessions can be done live (the preferred method), or by Skype or phone after a little instruction.  

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