[EZINE] Why Your Doctor Might Miss Depression…

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Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #16 – April 18, 2016

She Was Feeling Down…

Hi [newsfield name=”name”]…

For the past several months, my wife Soma has been feeling down and “out of body” most of the time.  After a few stressful events and oral surgery she started exhibiting symptoms that I recognized as a chiropractor as being related to depression: 

  • Loss of appetite, then binge eating
  • Lack of desire for sex or exercise
  • Loss of motivation
  • Brain fog
  • Weight gain or “puffiness”
  • Empty feeling, and
  • Loss of ambition and creativity.

Maybe you – or someone you know – has these symptoms as well.  If so, read on.  There may be something here you can use or suggest as part of an overall cure.

Normally, my wife is NOT depressed.  But because of some recent stress and surgery,  I wasn’t too worried.  I chalked these symptoms up to a case of simple anxiety.

But the anxiety continued.  And so did my concern.

Search For The Solution

Often I refer Soma’s care out to a few doctors I know who do a great job.  She had been seeing these lately, however, without much change.  That’s when I decided to get involved again…

Knowing my wife – and by using a few quick tests with Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) – I was able to quickly determine that the problem involved not only her liver, gall bladder, right brain hemisphere, and sometimes kidneys (according to the other doctors).

It had to be something else, since all her dozen or so supplements weren’t helping!

It then dawned on me – these were the same symptoms I had myself years ago, and determined that her thyroid was involved (thyroid malfunction can often cause symptoms of depression, since it feeds so many systems and organs) . . .

Since she was already on a natural thyroid compound (not synthetic!), I recommended she increase her dosage slightly.  She did, and the results were amazing:  “I feel like a different person!”  she exclaimed.

I was happy too.

—–> Check Out How your THYROID might be contributing to your Depression! <—–

Now, I’m not suggesting you run out, watch a few YouTube videos, then start diagnosing and treating thyroid deficiencies.  What I AM suggesting, however, is that you consider another possibility that even most doctors miss!

I’m a doctor, and I missed this for many years . . . until I had the problem myself.  THEN my awareness of it grew!  The fact is, most doctors get thyroid diagnosis wrong.  They often use outdated blood tests (e.g., “the “TSH Protocol”) that leave out some really important factors, like the fact that Flouride in the drinking water can hijack the readings!

—->  Find Out How Flouride Affects Your Thyroid Function! <—–

Get Dr. Starr’s and Dr. Tennant’s books and read them if you think this is a problem in your family.  Then contact them to find a doctor in your area who understands the true causes of Hypo-thyroidism (decreased thyroid function).

It may save your life… or the life of someone you love!

To your success,


[EZINE] Weird Australian Math…?

logical soul ezine

Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #15 – April 11, 2016

Arithmetic Down Under…

Hey [newsfield name=”name”]…

I have a very smart friend in Australia named David Cummings.  He’s an engineer, a business marketing genius . . .  and has a very unique way of seeing things using some very weird math…

One day we were sitting around chewing the the Vegemite with some shrimps on the Bar-Bee (just kidding – I’ve not yet been to Australia.  Want to.  Heard its lovely.  But I digress…)

Anyway, we Skype quite often.  One day on Skype he told me that – by giving away more stuff – I could actually attract more coaching clients.  He said he’s been marketing like this for years, and the results were amazing.

At first glance, I saw nothing weird about this.  I, too, recommend giving away free coaching sessions in my book The Six Figure Coach. David, however, added a real twist to this wild and woolly giveaway idea… and posted a great article to share with my followers:

—->  Here is David’s Article on the Free Giveaway Idea <—–

The thing that puzzled me was this:  Why was he recommending giving away THREE things? . . . In addition to the Free Sessions?  This was strange math to me, i.e., 1 minus 1 minus 1 is NOT supposed to equal THREE!

But I guess it does in Australia, sort of . . . like how the water circles counter-clockwise going down the drain?  😉

—-> Find out how David does this here <—–

So check it out.  All I can tell you is that David’s formula involves giving away unique information products along with your free coaching that are almost guaranteed to attract – and keep – more paying clients!

—–> Click Here To Check It Out <—–

To your success,


[EZINE] The Formula For Success…

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Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #14 – April 4, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened

On the way to Tybee Island, Georgia…

I was doing my best to keep my eyes on the road and see the flow of traffic.   Suddenly it started pouring down rain and my vision became really impaired.

You see, I have double vision anyway, and just don’t do well driving and night or in bad weather.  I therefore turned the wheel over to my lovely wife who continued to head down I-16 to Tybee where we were meeting friends and family to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

Then it happened . . . in the midst of the pouring rain and a long road trip . . . I felt happy!

I suddenly became aware of simple things, like how the raindrops fell on the windshield, the wetness of my water bottle, and how some drivers (my wife and I call them ‘The Immortals’) weave in and out of traffic in hopes of (I guess) “winning” the race to God knows where…

But nothing seemed to matter in that authentic moment of peace.

The Meaning of Success

beach2The definition of Success to most of humanity usually involves money and financial well-being.  While this definitely plays a part for me, real success is so much more than that.  As any truly successful person will tell you, success is actually “a state of mind.”

This trip to Tybee made me think of this topic, mainly because its the home home of two of our best friends in the world – Chuck and Melinda – who are also two of the most successful people I know.  I’ve known Chuck, like forever, so my wife and I occasionally pop in whenever there’s an invitation and the Big City gets a bit too much for us.

While Chuck and Melinda have never been rich financially (their home is the oldest and smallest one on their street), they love their family, make friends easily, and appreciate the smallest things in life.  Our idea of a great time, for example is to share these small things:  walks on the beach,  the sunshine, a glass of wine, herbs from the garden, jamming on guitars, and even watching the traffic go by on their street with partying teens, vacationing families, and other inland folks looking for a little ocean air.

We agree on very little politically, our music jams sound like screaming cats, and cell reception at their house is very poor, but you know what? . . . It doesn’t matter!

The Formula

I think you probably know where I’m going with this.

The same success formula I speak of is the same one my Grandmother taught me decades ago, and the same one that rings true for each and every generation that will take time to sit still and listen. There is, after all, nothing new under the sun . . .

Happiness is a Decision – even in stillness and nothingness.

Happiness doesn’t come in a bottle, TV or smart phone.  Nor is it held in the bank, your garage, portfolio, or safe.  Happiness has little to do with excitement or adrenaline, and is often lost in the search for love, riches, fame, and the need to feel good.

Happiness is a decision.   Without the decision to find happiness wherever you are, whoever you are with, and in whatever you do (even if its nothing), you won’t be able to slow down long enough to get off your I-phone . . . much less smell the roses.

So, a funny thing happened on the way to Tybee: I had another blast of happiness . .. . and I wanted to share it with you.

To your real success,


P.S., The best things in life are those that are shared… and many are free!  So don’t forget to check out also the 5 critical pages every website needs in order to be effective:

—–> Discover the Critical Pages you need for your Coaching Biz <—–


[EZINE] Do You Know Your Niche or Specialty?

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Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #9 – Feb. 29, 2016


Happy Leap Year Day [newsfield name=”name”] – This week I want to ask you about your “niche” or coaching specialty.  Do you really know what it is?

Know Your Niche

I never gave much thought about my “niche” before I realized that NOT knowing this bit of information has probably cost me tens of thousands of dollars! 

Then – and only then – did I become interested.

Don’t be like I was.  Learn all you can about your coaching niche, i.e., your specialty.  Knowing your niche is the only way I know to directly affect your ability to attract paying clients,  and therefore your bottom line!  Otherwise, you will only end up coaching your dog on how to roll over (and chances are, Fido doesn’t pay so well!)…

—-> Learn about how to recognize your NICHE here <—–

3 Questions

There are essentially 3 Questions you need to ask yourself in order to discover your true niche.  These, by the way, are the SAME questions your prospective clients are quietly asking – and expecting you to answer BEFORE they will commit to any kind of coaching!

—-> Learn the 3 Questions Here <—–

That’s It!

I wrote a LOT on Coaching Niches – and also did a podcast a few years ago – so I won’t repeat all that here.  I will, however ask you to check out my latest article . . .

—–> Do You Know Your Coaching Niche? <—–

To your continued success,

– Michael

[EZINE] Are you a Life Coach? Or a Therapist…?

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Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #8 – Feb. 22, 2016


OK [newsfield name=”name”] – This week I want to ask you something important:  Are you a life coach?  Or a therapist??

Life Coaching Myths

If you are a therapist or psychologist,  you already know the answer to this question.  Therapy (and counseling, for some) is unlike life coaching in that it involves dealing with the PAST, i.e., emotional traumas or experiences.

Any attempt to deal with parents, siblings, teachers;  war-time traumas that created PTSS, or even past-lives . . . is always about the past.  While the EFFECTS may be found in the present and future, the past is the workplace.

Practitioners and therapists are usually licensed and board-certified, and have to adhere to strict standards or protocols when dealing with patients or clients.  Life coaching – on the other hand – usually revolves around what exists in the PRESENT or FUTURE without much attention being put on digging up the past.

The MYTH that usually  surrounds this profession is that “life coaching” is somehow akin to being a therapist . . . but without a license.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

A real life coach will help you assess your current assets, skills, talents and other resources, then help you focus these resources towards a particular goal or dream.  Life coaches can either be certified or not certified, but they are always focused on what is possible, rather than healing what has passed.

There are 5 myths, actually,  that surround the art and practice of life coaching.

—-> Learn the Other 4 Myths about Life Coaching Here <—–

Finding Your Coaching Niche

To be successful as a Life Coach, you have to find and develop your NICHE, or specific field of coaching.  Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming invisible because you don’t address the SPECIFIC NEEDS of your ideal client.

Are you a weight loss coach?  Great – this is a niche, but also a very broad one.  Be as specific as you can.  Try “Niching” your field down a bit . . . say by becoming “The #1 Weight Loss Coach for Asian Women Over 50,” or something similar.

The FIRST thing you need to understand about any niche you choose, however, is the public’s perception of life coaches, and how you can meet and overcome these MYTHS and objections before promoting yourself in a big way . . .

—–> Here are the 5 Myths about Life Coaching <—–

Another factor any life coach should consider, as part of any effort towards success,  is CERTIFICATION.  While no one in the USA is required to be certified to start a practice, a life coaching certificate gives you more authority and “gravitas” when addressing prospective clients.  As a “certified life coach,” you automatically gain more respect, like you would if you were a published author or other known expert.

More on this later . . . Meanwhile,

To your continued success,

– Michael

[EZINE] Voting for Socialism? Or Social Media…?

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Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #5 – Feb. 1, 2016


[newsfield name=”name”] – This is a NON-political article, by the way… it’s really about how to promote your life coaching business!  Read on…

Who’s being Social?…

In honor of the “official” kickoff to the 2016 US presidential election in Iowa tonight, I wanted to say a few words to acknowledge those of you who take the time to go to the polls or caucuses and vote, regardless of your political persuasion.  Since you don’t live in a country that REQUIRES voting – as in Australia – your contribution to the selection of our next president is vital. 

But please make sure you’re voting for the right reasons . . .

I became aware a day or so ago that some people – mostly younger folks in this case – have become far removed from the political meaning of the word “socialism” and think it is related somehow to “social media.”  Just for the record:  It’s not.

Social Media Can grow your Business

“Social media” is truly social.  It boils down, basically me sharing my cute kitten and baby pictures online with all my friends and acquaintances. No one wants to take my “stuff” unless I choose to share it.

The fact is, if you want to grow a business – your life coaching business for example – you need social media to help spread the word.

—-> How to Optimize Pinterest for Your Life Coaching Business <—-

Social media does not -yet anyway – have rules that compel members to give up more than they are willing to share.  Socialism outside the family unit, however, is a bit different…

Socialism can grow your “Fairness”

“Socialism” is where you, I, and everyone in the community shares everything:  all resources like food, living space, and especially money.  There is always the need for mediator, however, who keeps order and gets to decide what’s fair. In a club, this might be a chairman.  In the family unit, the parents usually have the last word. In politics, this means a centralized government.

The confusion about the terms “social” vs “socialism” arises because Bernie Sanders  calls himself a “Democratic Socialist” (in the European sense, he says).  And because “social” is a buzzword that every young person has come to associate with “fair,” “share” and “social media,” Bernie gets both media attention and followers.

But most older Americans are a bit skittish about the term “socialism” and rarely confuse it with the use of Facebook or Pinterest.   Folks over 60 remember the Cuban missile crisis, and the imminent threat of Communism and socialism was a constant mantra of government bulletins, publications, and news.

Just because you like to share cute kitty pictures online, for example, does not mean you buy into “socialism”. . . unless you are also in favor of sharing everything else you own! Don’t own much?  Hey! It pays to be a socialist!!

Even Bernie is not a complete socialist (or Communist).  Bless his heart, Mr. Sanders understands government has some limits.  He just wants the US to be more like Denmark!  It may be the most expensive place to live in Europe, but at least its the most “fair.”

If You Are A Life Coach

…And regardless of your political persuasion, its still wise to use social MEDIA to promote your practice.  Then go vote.

—-> Check out Arina’s 2013 article on Pinterest Optimization <—

This older blog post is still very informative about ways you can use social media to get your “friends” to know, like, and trust you.

Your Socially-Fair Friend (but admittedly not a socialist),


To your continued success,

– Michael

[EZINE] A Gift from Your Ancestors…

logical soul ezine

Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #4 – Jan. 25, 2016



Ancestors Are Now Cool…

After a long hibernation, the idea of learning about (and contacting) our ancestors is finally a hot topic of discussion.

Last week I mentioned how many cultures throughout the world treat ancestors as a living part of their everyday life.  In non-native North America, not so much.

But that is changing. Online searches, and recent archaeological finds indicate that our past is much more mysterious than we ever thought possible.  TV documentaries like Ancient Aliens, Celebrity Ancestors, and popularity of websites like ancestry.com prove that the yearning we all feel to connect with something – or someone – who can take us beyond our mundane awareness is very strong.

Now there is a way to do this quickly and easily, and is the topic of my latest article about:

—> How To Tap Into Your Ancestry to overcome persistent problems <——

In this blog post/article, I not only talk about the link or connection you have RIGHT NOW with your ancestors, but also

—-> How to use this link to increase your happiness and enjoyment of life! <—-

I even lay out a very simple visualization exercise and even a script for you to start using right away by yourself, or with your coaching clients.  This exercise is not meant to replace therapy (we coaches don’t DO therapy!), but is a quick way to both discover and dissolve blocks that keep you and your clients stuck. I call it…

—-> The Logical Soul(R) Family Conference <—-

and want to give this to you as a gift to my subscribers who are looking for a very effective tool they can use to blast through mental/emotional obstacles.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you.  When ancestral (epigenetic) involvement is indicated, this stuff works!

And there’s much more to come…

To your continued success,

– Michael

[EZINE] The Real Nature of the Mind…

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Dr. Michael Craig, 

Vol. 3, #28 – July 13, 2015

First An Announcement…

My friend and colleague Dr. Ron Owens is again offering his popular Basic Life Coaching Certification Workshop on the weekend of July 25-26th in Atlanta.  His course is the fastest and most complete way I know to get certified as a life coach without spending many thousands of dollars and taking years out of your life.   Dr. Ron offers the same personal attention, curriculum, and value during his intense learning weekend as some  other courses that take months, but at a fraction of the cost.    


Mind: The Guru Connection…

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi“The nature of the mind…” I first heard those words many years ago from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918-2008) …

Those of you who know me may remember I practice Transcendental Meditation(R), or “TM” on a daily basis, and have been doing so for almost 45 years.  I was also personally trained by Maharishi  as a teacher of “TM”, and was  part of his worldwide movement in the 1970’s and 80’s that taught millions of people,  including such celebrities as the Beatles, Merv Griffin, Clint Eastwood, Jerry Seinfeld, presidents, prime ministers, and many others.

The reason I bring all this up is not to claim any “inside connection” with Maharishi or celebrities… I have none.  I just wanted to point out that it was my practice of TM that gave birth to my understanding of the nature of the mind . . . and that this is the foundation of what later became the Logical Soul(R)!

—> Listen to what Maharishi has to say about this Nature of the Mind <–

It is no accident that, after years of research, trial and error, I discovered that Maharishi was on to something really big . . . and that he also planted the seed that grew into my lifelong work.  For this I am forever indebted to his teachings, and the time I was privileged to spend in his presence.

It’s All Here —> http://mycoachtraining.com/2015/07/maharishi-nature-mind/

To your Continued Success,

P.S., I haven’t taught in decades, but have gained a greater appreciation for both TM and Maharishi in recent years:  http://mycoachtraining.com/2015/07/maharishi-nature-mind/

Doc Hollywood Swatted a Mosquito…

…and told me “I need your help.” 

doc hollywoodDr. Neil Shulman  (“The Real Doc Hollywood,” noted doctor, Emory professor,  and author of several dozen books, plays, and scientific articles) and I were sitting by the small pool in my backyard and discussing his latest project to help empower kids in poor neighborhoods.

Since my goal in life is to also empower as many people as possible, I sat in the mosquito-infested farm we call our back yard for over an hour… listening to his grand plans to save the world from itself.

Of course I offered to help.   And this is why I’m writing you.

You see, I too want to empower as many people as possible  . . . so I’m offering you my 21-video Logical Soul Training that I created back in 2008 . . . a $200 . . . for ZERO dollars!   Zip.  Nada.  Zilch… Free!

—> Get the Free Training Here <—-

The reason I’m doing this is 1) I need your help to get this knowledge to as many people as possible, and 2) the videos are old (2008, but still great) and I’m coming out with a new course soon.

So hurry!  I don’t know how long this offer will last…

—> Get the Free Training Here <—-

– Michael 

P.S., Feel free to share this link with those who you think can make a difference.

[Ezine] Memorial Day Success Tips . . .

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Dr. Michael Craig, Volume 3, Issue #21, May 25, 2015

Today is a special day.  It’s the day we honor those in America and Europe who fought and died in wars defending their homeland and/or highest principles.  This is, therefore, an opportune time to share my formula for “Memorial Day Success” with you . . .

But just so you know, the kind of success I’m talking about doesn’t have anything to do with BBQ grilling, channel surfing, or making the kids behave.  The “success” I share has more to do directly with your life . . . and the role your ANCESTORS play in it . . . right now!

You see, as an American, I had no clue that parents and ancestors had anything to do with my success in the real world.  When I took on a Landmark Education project back in 2007, however, I came to realize how important the commandment “Honor your father and your mother” actually is!  It’s not about them; it’s about you and your relationship to them . . . and therefore your relationship to life itself!!

Last week, I shared the memory of my father, what he stood for, and the lessons he taught me that remain with me:

–> Check out my Father’s Lessons <–

This week, I want to add that – whenever you run across a major problem that won’t budge – do what the native Americans and orientals do:  Ask for help from your ancestors! 

As part of the Logical Soul® process, I often have clients visualize the presence of one or both parents, and/or ancestors.  They see the parents/ancestors before them, connect with them, then briefly explain the difficulty.  Then I have the person ask for their parent’s or ancestor’s “Permission and Blessing” to stay connected to them, while letting go of the shared beliefs and/or inherited behaviors that keep the person stuck.

There is a specific way of testing yourself for the presence of this influence . . . and releasing it with the help of your parents and ancestors.  In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my “Family Conference” method of letting go of things that have held you back for generations!

It should be both fun and enlightening.  So stay tuned . . .