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logicalsoul-logoLogical Soul® Sessions  are the BEST  way to discover who and what has been running your life all these years! Each session involves a powerful inward journey to the place where subconscious decisions are made, and prime directives are set. These hidden decisions are often inaccessible to your conscious mind, can sabotage your goals and dreams,  and eventually lead to failure and frustration.  In short, hidden decisions run your life.  They are always there, always in the subconscious, and the reason why you mostly feel tense, uncertain, fearful, and generally ineffective or unhappy in life.
During just the first session they can find, access and direct you to your own hidden decisions, allow you to change these decisions, and free you to start living a more natural – and powerful – life.   The Logical Soul® Program ideally involves several sessions, each designed to “peel the onion” and get at a deeper layer of hidden decisions. We recommend the first Introductory Session, followed by at least four (4) follow-up Sessions to address and reset all areas of your life.  The changes you will experience involve both the conscious and subconscious minds, thought, emotion, and physical sensations and changes.  You – as well as your friends and family –  will notice the difference!
logical soul The Logical Soul® Program is unique. Neither hypnosis, NLP, repeating affirmations, nor any other technique designed to “program the subconscious mind” will have much affect on these decisions. The fact is, the deeper hidden decisions are guarded by an intelligence that FAR supersedes your conscious abilities, and are based on the Prime Directives handed down from our ancestors that help us survive and keep us alive.
The RESULTS in life from Logical Soul® Sessions speak for themselves, and clients attest over and over again to the growth and abundance that springs forth as a result of only a few sessions! Dr. Michael Craig began this inner quest for over 30 years, and discovered and developed it, along with his wife and co-founder Soma.   They can quickly help you pull back the subconscious curtain, unlock your true hidden motivation, and release your real power – only this time the inner decision-maker is HELPING rather than FIGHTING you this time!
DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to be guided by someone who has been there AND who can help you communicate effectively with the deepest forces within you.  Book your initial session today, and see how high you can soar!  CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW NOW TO GET YOUR FREE 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION to find out if Logical Soul(R) can help you:
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