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It Took Me 30 Years to Discover A Technique That Kick-Starts The Law Of Attraction  To Transform Lives In Minutes!

michael CraigHi, I’m Dr. Michael Craig, a chiropractor who discovered back in 1987 in Sri Lanka a way of healing that can jet-boost the Law of Attraction and transform lives in a matter of minutes. I call it The Logical Soul® and others have said it is probably the most powerful Law of Attraction method on the planet! But don’t believe me . . . check out the Testimonial video below and elsewhere on this site. You can also get access to my 28 training videos from the link below. 

I found that the “Soul” has a very logical component inside, guided by a very great intelligence that runs our lives. When this intelligence does what we want, we call this “success.” However, whenever this intelligence does NOT follow our desired script,  we call it Failure or Self-Sabotage. Either way, the Law of Attraction works . . . either FOR us… or AGAINST us!

Long ago I discovered this hidden intelligence is anchored into place via HIDDEN DECISIONS based on early life experiences and those of others.  These decisions form the basis of our success – or failure – in life!

To CHANGE our lives, therefore, we must CHANGE THE HIDDEN DECISIONS that run our lives!!  Once we do this, we can completely transform how we show up in the world, how we affect the world around us, and even affect how the world treats us!

My goal is to share this technique with the world, and to that end I want to train others to help me do this and become financially successful at the same time. If you are like me and have a burning desire to transform the lives of others and affect evolution on this planet, then check out my complete video training course and get started.

Join the popular Logical Soul® Transformation Team and start living a purposeful life today!  Others have paid hundreds of dollars to be at this live training.  You can get it now for FREE!!

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Check Out What Others Have To Say…

Former students and graduates of the Logical Soul® Training (LST) have many nice things to say about being able to IMMEDIATELY help themselves and their Coaching Clients . . . No matter what the problem or situation!! Click the button below for over 6 1/2 hours of Video training that will put you on the road to changing lives by changing your own!
WHAT YOU WILL LEARN over the course of this complete video training course:
  • The #1 Reason Why Law of Attraction Fails & Problems Happen
  • The Source of Thought
  • How To Discover Your Inner Dialogue… and Effortlessly Change It!
  • How to Test Yourself and Others
  • How To Detect and Overcome Money Issues
  • How to Add Power to Your Affirmations
  • How to Handle Failure and Resolve Failure Decisions
  • The Role of Family and
  • The Four Phases of The Logical Soul® in detail
  • . . . And Much More!!
If you ever wanted to discover the most powerful Law of Attraction program on the planet, click on the button below and get started today!  
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The Law of Attraction Best-Selling Author Says:

“I love Dr. Michael Craig’s work; he knows success is an inside job! . . . Dr. Craig’s work stands out because he guides you to the ‘invisible forces’ operating in your life. Change those and you can attract and help more people.”
– Dr. Joe Vitale, star of The Secret and Best-selling Author