Stop Anxiety Attacks

Having Anxiety Attacks? 

The Logical Soul® is a simple technique, usually done with a partner, that allows for self-inquiry, leading to:

  • The End of Anxiety Attacks or Panic Attacks
  • Greater Mind Capacity & Awareness
  • Greater Peace and Happiness
  • More Energy & Motivation
  • Better Health
  • More Harmonious Relationships
  • & Much, Much More! 

See the testimonials below to see how the Logical Soul® has brought great happiness and relief to those suffering from anxiety attacks and related problems.   

Anxiety Attacks Gone!

Followup: Attacks Never Came Back

How It Works…

Dr. Michael Craig writes:  “I developed the Logical Soul® technique to help me much more quickly find and eliminate a patient’s blocks to health and happiness,  and have been using it successfully for years to help people with anxiety attacks and similar problems.    My wife Soma and I soon discovered that it was also highly effective in helping to resolve relationship issues so we’ve been using it to help people who are dealing with relationships and have been stuck and angry  or in an abusive relationship where they are practically paralyzed by anxiety to the point where they could barely function in their day-to-day lives.

“Both Soma and I understand where these people are coming from,”  continues Dr. Craig.  “We were both stuck in abusive relationships a few decades ago that resulted in physical abuse (in Soma’s case) and the eventual suicide death of my partner.

“The anxiety attacks were plentiful during those days.  The Logical Soul® method was developed, partially, to address the pain we both felt at the time, and as a way of releasing this pain and healing on a much deeper level.

“Anxiety attacks can be a powerful hindrance to loving relationships, health and wealth, and many people don’t want to have to take Zolof and other anxiety-depressant drugs because it makes them feel foggy headed, numb, and otherwise out of touch with their inner happiness.

“So we’ve been helping patients and clients get resolution on their anxiety attacks with this simple but powerful technique that doesn’t require anti-anxiety drugs, extensive (and expensive) therapy sessions for anxiety attacks, or other lengthy, costly treatments that might take years to work.

“Quite simply, the mind and body can heal itself,” Dr. Craig goes on to explain.  “After an intense interview session, I use muscle testing (or other feedback mechanisms on live video calls) to discover what I call  ‘linchpin decisions,’ or subconscious hidden decisions that hold the anxiety in place within the brain and nervous system.  These decisions, when exposed and released, can alter the person’s life instantly, causing a rush of good feeling and deep relaxation in the body-mind.

“The actual process itself usually only takes 15-20 minutes once the underlying causes have been discovered.  It is fast, effective, and completely normal and natural.  You are not hypnotized or ‘put under’ in any way, and are completely aware throughout the procedure.

“I normally spend an hour for each issue; but sometimes layers of the same issue can bubble up.  For example, one client came in with an issue related to money, but the underlying linchpin decisions pointed directly to the relationship with his father.  Over a period of 4-5 sessions, we uncovered even more relationship problems that were quickly resolved with each visit.  Once we resolved these deeper issues, however, he was free to start attracting (and receiving)  much more money immediately . . . and he did!”

Here’s what others had to say…

Alexander’s Panic Attacks

Alexander Logical Soul testimonials

When I came to Soma, I had been battling something I had never faced in my life: panic inducing anxiety. I first believed that I was having health issues and sought clarity from modern medicine. When this failed me, I turned to holistic medicine. This too was insufficient.

Working with Soma, I learned basic tools that completely transformed my life. These tools enabled an introspection not possible with thought alone. I learned how to trust my body, what it was feeling, and how to listen to God. I had always been disconnected from both. Life took on a new role as a mirror, showing me what I was made of. I was not a whole person, fragmented in millions of tiny pieces, lost and frantic.

[Logical Soul® sessions] lead to one of the greatest discoveries of my life: that I had never come to terms with my birth, with no longer being one with my mother. When this truth was revealed to me, I saw how it had affected nearly every part of my life after it. I now finally feel like a man, strong and independent. I am my own person.

The work continues, but I can tie it all back to the work I did with Soma, and I will be eternally grateful.  (Via Alexander’s Email from Atlanta, GA, USA, April, 2023)

Ori Bengal

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