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Dr. Michael Craig writes:  “The Logical Soul® technique was developed over the past 30 years to help me quickly find and eliminate my patients’ blocks to personal growth, health and happiness.  Both my wife, Soma, and I have also used it successfully for years to help with our marriage.  This experience has now helped hundreds of people find new relationships, and maximize the happiness within their existing relationships.”

He continues:  “Originally we used the method for health and anxiety-related problems.  Soon, however, we discovered that our method was also highly effective in cases involving childhood traumas that gave rise to hidden decisions that color the world we live in – often running contrary to our stated goals and desires.  We discovered, for example, that people who insist they want a happy love relationship subconsciously harbored serious doubts about whether they could be loved, and whether their so-called ‘soul mate’ even existed.  They didn’t have enough experience with this thing called ‘love’ to be able to love themselves, much less another person!”

Dr. Craig and Soma feel they can relate to those suffering from missing or unrequited love, having dealt with their own (abundant) restrictions on this subject.  “We were both stuck in fear, self-doubt and anger a few decades ago” he says, “that resulted in attracting abusive or otherwise destructive relationships that ended badly.

“The Logical Soul® method was developed primarily to address the pain we both felt at the time . . . and as a way we could release this pain and heal on a much deeper level.  Muscle testing can act, in effect, act as a biological ‘lie detector’ to uncover the truth about who we really are and which decisions we have made that run contrary to our happiness in life.”

Michael Craig goes on to emphasize that, while his method cannot guarantee a loving relationship (free will is still in effect!),  “the pain of loss or loneliness can be lessened considerably, usually in less than one hour.   Lingering childhood traumas are a powerful hindrance to feelings of self-worth and loving relationships,


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