Confusion About Life

The Logical Soul® is a simple but powerful technique, usually done with a partner, that allows for self-inquiry, leading to:

  • The End of Confusion About Life
  • Greater Capacity for Awareness
  • Greater Peace and Happiness
  • More Energy & Motivation
  • Better Health
  • More Harmonious Relationships
  • & Much, Much More! 

See the testimonials below to see how the Logical Soul® has brought great happiness and relief to those suffering from confusion about life and related problems.   

See How Kelly’s Deep Confusion Gets Resolved!

How It Works…

Dr. Michael Craig and his wife Soma Craig developed the Logical Soul®technique to help them quickly find and eliminate a person’s self-sabotaging ‘hidden decisions’ that had been running the person’s life up to that point.

Says Dr. Craig, “Hidden decisions are like a cancer growing in a patient’s subconscious mind.  They are like mind viruses, or memes, that keep a person stuck on his or her way of seeing the world to the detriment of their own happiness.  This, in turn, blocks their ability to have good health, more money, and to clear up any confusion about life they may have.”

Dr. Craig and Soma have been using the Logical Soul® method successfully for years to help people with ill health, confusion about life and similar problems.    They also discovered it was highly effective in helping to resolve money and relationship issues as well.

In all cases they report that patients and clients come to them stuck and almost paralyzed by subconscious fear and anger that has kept them from having the things they most value in life:  health, good relationships and money.  This lack of results has, for the most part in almost all of them,  created  a chronic confusion about life to the point where they could barely function in their day-to-day lives.

Dr. Michael Craig and Soma can relate to these problems.  “We had them all,” reports Dr. Craig, “the fear, loneliness, confusion about life, and living in near poverty.  We were both stuck in abusive relationships and had health problems as well.  Then we got in touch with the decisions that gave birth to all this suffering and rooted them out!

“Today the only confusion about life we have is remembering what day it is, or what we had for breakfast.  We are, after all, in our 60’s…”

The Logical Soul® method was developed to address the pain and confusion patients felt when they came to Dr. Craig with little hope of rescue.  He allowed them not only to overcome their pain and confusion about life, but also to heal on a much deeper level.

“Life-defeating hidden decisions,” reveals Dr. Craig, “can be a powerful hindrance to connecting with others, staying healthy and becoming wealthy. Many people then resort to taking either prescribed or recreational drugs to dull the pain and escape their problems . . . but this never works and only makes things worse.  It’s just that – up to now – there have been very few alternatives.

“The mind and body can heal itself,” Dr. Craig explains.  “During a session, we do an interview, followed by feedback – usually through muscle testing (or surrogate testing on live video calls).  This will help us discover what I call  ‘linchpin decisions,’ or subconscious hidden decisions that hold things like  confusion about life in place within the brain and nervous system.  Once these decisions are made conscious and released, the person’s life will transform instantly.  This, in turn, causes a rush of good feeling and deep relaxation in the body-mind.

“The whole process usually takes about an hour from start to finish.  It is fast, effective, and completely normal and natural.  We don’t use hypnosis, so you won’t be ‘put under’ in any way.  Throughout the whole session you are completely of what’s going on.

“Sometimes layers of the same issue can bubble up.  For example, one client came in with an issue related to confusion about money, but the underlying linchpin decisions pointed directly to the relationship with a parent.   Over a period of 4-5 sessions, we uncovered even more relationship problems that were quickly resolved with each visit.  Once these deeper issues were resolved, however, he was free to start receiving more money immediately . . . and he did!”

Here’s what others had to say…


india testimonial I am a 56 years old professional in the area of teaching in southern India.

I must admit that I had thought that I had reached the stage where everything was over in life for me.  This is because nothing seemed to work out for me, I was confused and lost. As a result my relationships in my family and outside were in a sad state. Being a strong empath, this was very hard for me and I carried the guilt of being responsible for all that went wrong and never acknowledged myself even though my achievements.  It was at this point that I met Soma.

As I had already given up I didn’t really have any expectations, but I was so wonder-struck after my very first session with her.  I immediately experienced a change, a feeling of being freed. And from then onward with every session I could actually see and experience the miracles happening within myself, my career and my relations. She is an amazing and powerful healer. Her spiritual healing powers are incredible. She has helped me transform my whole self in so many ways. I have never experienced the self power and sense of being free and consciously happy ever before. I sincerely thank Soma for all her efforts and healing guidance.
(Bangalore, India, November, 2020)




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