Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Logical SoulĀ®?

This method of self-discovery was found and developed by Dr. Michael Craig and his wife Brigitte (Soma) Craig, starting in 1993. Over the years, the LS Method has been tested, re-tested, and used in the service of thousands of people from dozens of professions, occupations and walks of life to reduce pain, eliminate problems, and increase their level of overall happiness. Logical SoulĀ® works on the principle that, according to Dr. Craig, “allows the mind to go to explore greater and greater depths of consciousness until it reaches that most refined level – the Bliss Body.” Dr. Craig defines the Bliss Body as that layer of consciousness that is lightly attached to the physical body, but in itself feels no pain or suffering. “By developing a habit of using Logical SoulĀ® regularly,” says Craig, “anyone can practically eliminate pain, suffering and problems from his or her daily life.”

The technique has four parts, or phases: Interview, Discovery, Access and Resolution. Each phase is designed to bring the subjects attention to the source of their suffering: hidden subconscious decisions. Adds Dr. Craig, “By Accessing and changing these powerful archetypal thoughts, anyone can alter his or her fate to steer always towards greater bliss and happiness!”

Dr. Craig is the author of a 2009 book by the same name, available through Amazon.

What do Logical SoulĀ® sessions entail?Ā Ā 

A Logical SoulĀ® session usually lasts about an hour, but can also be scheduled for two hours at a time for those wanting to work on more than one issue.Ā  Each session involves the 4 steps or phases, and is facilitated by Dr. Craig, Soma Craig, and/or someone trained and certified by them.Ā  Ā If you are not sure a session is for you, you can sign up for a short (15 minute) session for the sole purpose of Q&A.Ā  The fee paid for this short session can then be applied as credit towards a one or two hour session later, should you decide to explore further.

Does a session have to be done in person?Ā 

No.Ā  Logical SoulĀ® sessions, although originally designed for one-on-one in-person counseling, have been adapted for long-distance facilitation.Ā  This became especially important during the original Covid lockdowns when few people could venture out of their homes, and is now more important than ever since our movement has grown worldwide.

For a long-distance session, you will need two things:Ā  A Zoom or WhatsApp account for video exchanges, and an ability to muscle test yourself – or have someone do it for you.Ā  Muscle testing is important since it provides feedback from your body and subconscious mind . . . a powerful tool for change when used properly.

See Dr. Craig’s videos on self-testing for more information.Ā  If you don’t have any confidence you can muscle test yourself at all, however, don’t worry.Ā  Simple give Dr. or Ms. Craig permission to access your energy field andĀ  they will take care of this for you.Ā  Ā Although not as powerful as doing it yourself, muscle testing using them (or another) as a surrogate will definitely move things along more easily and effectively.

Do you offer Logical SoulĀ® Training or Certification?Ā Ā 

Currently only online video training is available, but no certification.Ā  Ā Residence courses and longer-term training is in the planning phases, but not currently available.Ā  Dr. Craig is also working on setting up a chiropractic college in India.Ā  Should this succeed as planned, Logical SoulĀ® training will be incorporated as part of the curriculum.