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Having a Problem Attracting Money?

The Logical Soul® is a simple technique that allows anyone to find in themselves:

  • How to Attract Money Effortlessly
  • More Peace and Inner Happiness
  • More Energy & Motivation to Succeed
  • Better Health
  • Increased Clarity About Purpose and Direction
  • … and Much, Much More! 

Dr. Ron Owens Recommends the Method

How the Logical Soul® Method Works…

Dr. Michael Craig writes:  “The Logical Soul® technique mainly grew out of my own frustrations with money, i.e., why it seemed so hard to attract, make and keep.  For me, money was an elusive bird that flew away the moment I approached it, and it took decades for me to discover that I was LITERALLY PUSHING MONEY AWAY!

“How to attract money?  I had no clue, but thought I had all the answers.  These answers, based on hidden beliefs, were no longer serving me.  My blocks to wealth and happiness, it boiled down to, were based on deeply-rooted hidden decisions that a) money was bad, b) it was a sin to want it, c) wrong to accumulate it, or even d) wrong even to earn it… UNLESS I worked really really hard for that little bit of money!  

“When I finally tested some statements and realized what I was doing to myself and my loved ones, I stopped doing these things.  Even so, it took many years for me to get back on the path of earning – and ACCEPTING – more money for a decent life!

“How to attract money is no longer my problem, but I noticed it remains a nagging problem for many people.  Realizing this, my wife, Soma, and I set out to apply my techniques to those in search of a better life, health and happiness.   To date, we have used the Logical Soul® method with thousands of people who report they quickly learned – not only how to attract money – but also how to find more love in relationships, improve their health, and even eliminate guilt, anxiety and other problems that had been plaguing them for many years.

“Soma and I soon discovered that our method was quite unique.  Not only is it faster than traditional therapies and even hypnosis, it was also more effective in helping to resolve most issues without resorting to ‘putting them under,’ or inciting a trance-like state.  With the Logical Soul®  the mind is fully conscious the whole time.  This allows the mind, therefore, to feel it is a part of the healing that takes place . . . and the results bear this out as being the most effective approach for those wanting long-term results.”

Dr. Craig and Soma  have been using their method to help people from all walks of life, whether it is dealing with how to attract money, or trying to resolve broken relationships, feeling stuck, having panic attacks, or simply feeling like they just want more out of life.  Some of the Craigs’ clients have been in abusive relationships where their finances suffer tremendously,  to the point where they could barely get by in their day-to-day lives.  Their knowledge or concern about how to attract money just flies out the window, and very quickly they develop an even deeper anxiety about money!

“Both Soma and I understand where these people are coming from,”  continues Dr. Craig.  “We were both broke while stuck in abusive relationships a few decades ago that resulted in physical abuse (in Soma’s case) and the eventual suicide death of my partner.

“The threat of poverty was ever-present during those days.  The Logical Soul® method was developed, partially, to address our own money anxieties.  We needed a way to release this deeply-rooted fear of not knowing how to attract money.   Not only did our method help us attract money, we also received needed healing on a much deeper level.

“Lack of ability to attract money is a powerful hindrance to loving relationships, health and overall happiness.    While most people know that drugs and alcohol is never the answer, it becomes so easy to fall into unconsciousness and allow these things to take over their lives.   The resulting addiction only makes their financial situation worse, it brings about divorce, estrangement from family and friends, loss of job or income, tax problems, and loss of self-esteem and the increase of self-inflicted anxiety over money.

“The funny thing is, money issues are never really about money.  These issues involve deeply-rooted hidden decisions and beliefs about life itself that just don’t work!  We’ve been helping patients and clients get resolution on their money anxiety with this simple but powerful technique.  It doesn’t require hypnosis, any expertise, drugs, extensive (and expensive) therapy sessions, or Law of Attraction methods that teach ‘how to start attracting money’ which is based usually on surface thinking, willpower and other mind methods that don’t work.  In fact, NONE of the previous approaches work; they usually only push success and money even further away!

“How to attract money?” queries Dr. Craig, “Just allow the mind and body to heal itself of this ‘poverty consciousness’!”

Dr. Craig goes on to explain how it works.  “There are four phases of the Logical Soul®. . . Phase 1 is the Interview, when we spend time simply listening to the client or patient.  Their speaking alone will usually reveal the underlying statements we will use to discover the hidden decisions.

“After the Interview, I use Phase 2 Discovery (muscle testing or other feedback mechanisms on live video calls) to find and identify what I call  ‘linchpin decisions,’ or subconscious hidden decisions that keep the person blind to how to attract money.  Then we go on to the phases 3 & 4 called Access and Resolution.  The whole process involves finding and resolving hidden decisions.  When these decisions are exposed and released, the person’s life can instantly change, causing a rush of good feeling and deep relaxation in the body-mind.

“The actual process itself usually only takes about an hour.  Sometimes, however, it can take longer once we start to ‘peel the onion’ and discover some deeper, underlying hidden decisions.   Regardless, the Logical Soul® is fast, effective, and completely normal and natural.  You are not hypnotized or ‘put under’ in any way, and are completely aware throughout the procedure.

“Sometimes in cases of money issues multiple sessions are needed since things will often ‘bubble up.’  One client, for example, came in with a money issue, but the underlying linchpin decisions pointed directly to the relationship with his father.  Over a period of 4-5 sessions, we uncovered even more relationship problems that were quickly resolved with each visit.  Once these deeper issues were resolved, however, he was free to start attracting (and receiving)  much more money immediately . . . and he did!”

Here’s what others had to say…


Ruth Surprised at Quick Results


Ronette Feels the Difference



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Dee’s Spirit is Set Free

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Dee Bulgar

“Regarding my personal Logical Soul® session: I can say that the experience has been one of the most liberating moments in my life!  I have always known that my past had a major impact on me. However, I did not become aware that I was still in bondage until you uncovered the root cause of what I had coined as ‘being in my own way.’  My spirit has been so free from that moment on. Not only do I believe that my spirit has been set free and open to the world, it has become evident with my willingness to share with others my ‘secrets’ that I previously never wanted anyone to know.

“Thank you so much for liberating me as a Woman, Speaker, Writer, Teacher and Preacher.  You have truly tapped into a very unique way of exposing our subconscious beliefs.  I have no doubt that the Logical Soul® Technique will become one of the most sought after training in the industry.  Thank you again and I look forward to taking your training!”
       – Dee Bulgar, (Atlanta, GA  5/2/13)


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