Overcome Childhood Trauma

The Logical Soul® is a simple technique that allows for instant self-discovery and inner guidance leading to the release of most childhood traumas:

              • Greater Awareness and Self Acceptance

              • Greater Peace and Happiness

              • Growing Inner Contentment

              • Reduced Anger, Fear and Guilt

              • More Energy & Motivation

              • More Harmonious Relationships

              • & Increased Ability to Forgive and Let Go! 

Linda’s Childhood Traumas Released


How Our Method Works…

Dr. Michael Craig writes:  “The Logical Soul® technique was developed over the past 30 years to help me much quickly find and eliminate a patient’s blocks to personal growth, health and happiness.  Both my wife, Soma, and I have used it successfully for years to help people with anxiety arising from guilt, and for similar problems.”

He continues:  “Originally we used the method for anxiety-related problems.  Soon, however, we discovered that our method was also highly effective in cases involving childhood traumas that had connections to broken relationships, money issues, and other problems we did not anticipate.   We noticed, however, that the old traumas were most prevalent among people who felt guilt, self-doubt, self-anger, and regret.  These people felt they had let others down in some way . . . even if those other people were mean or abusive!  The corresponding mental-emotional paralysis often kept them feeling small, insignificant and fundamentally useless. “

Dr. Craig and Soma feel they can relate to those suffering from childhood trauma, having dealt with their own inner restrictions.  “We were both stuck in lack, self-doubt and abusive relationships a few decades ago” he says, “that resulted in low self-esteem, guilt and a feeling of overall helplessness.

“We both worked for years on our problems, attending a host of workshops and trainings.  The childhood traumas never got resolved, however, until we started using my techniques,” adds Dr. Craig.  “The Logical Soul® method was developed primarily to address the pain we both felt at the time . . . and as a way we could release this pain and heal on a much deeper level.”

Michael Craig goes on to emphasize that, while his method is not a cure-all for all childhood trauma,  “the pain of most traumas will be lessened considerably, usually in less than one hour.   Lingering childhood traumas are a powerful hindrance to feelings of self-worth, loving relationships, health and wealth.  Most people, however,  don’t want to take drugs like Zolof and other anxiety-depressants to solve the problem.  They know these drugs are only temporary fixes, and also makes them feel foggy headed, numb, and otherwise out of touch with their true happy feelings.”

Adds Soma Craig:  “We’ve been helping patients and clients get resolution on their childhood traumas for years now.  This simple but powerful technique doesn’t involve the use of hypnosis or long therapy sessions to discover the cause of the trauma.   Also, therapy usually takes months or years to bring about results.  We can get results, usually in less than one hour!”

“The reason for this,”  adds Dr. Craig, “is because the mind and body, quite frankly, can heal itself!” Dr. Craig goes on to elaborate:  “It starts with the interview.  This is a very important phase where Soma or I will actually listen to the patient or client.  Often in their speaking lies the key to unlock their hidden subconscious decisions.

“We then have the patient or client make a series of statements or affirmations that we will test using muscle testing, surrogate or other methods of testing for feedback.   I use the muscle testing mostly to show the patient or client that their subconscious ‘being’ is either in agreement, or NOT in agreement with their statement or affirmation.  This method allows us to discover what I call  ‘linchpin decisions,’ or subconscious hidden decisions that hold the specific childhood trauma in place within the brain and nervous system, and get Access to change them.  These decisions, when exposed,  accessed, and released or changed, can alter the person’s perception, and change their life!  The final phase is the Resolution, which is usually accompanied by a rush of good feeling and deep relaxation in the body-mind.”

Dr. Craig points out that the whole process takes about an hour, but that often clients want two or more hours to be able to clear even deeper issues.  “It is fast, effective, and completely normal and natural.  You are not hypnotized or ‘put under’ in any way, and are completely aware throughout the procedure” he adds.

Dr. Craig and Soma also say that while they normally spend an hour for each issue,  sometimes layers of the same issue can bubble up.  They gave the example of a client who presented one issue related to money, but discovery indicated there was a major problem with his relationship to his father.   After about 4-5 sessions,  they were able to resolve, not only the underlying family issues, but the main issue itself.

“Once we resolved these deeper relationship issues, he was finally free to start attracting (and receiving)  more money right away . . . and he did!”

Here’s what others had to say…

Dr. Kruti Vora

I am a chiropractor and tried Logical Soul® out of curiosity a few years ago.   I had no expectations except to see what comes of it. Once I got myself tested by the LS process many hidden emotions kept pouring out. There was  hidden access to childhood emotions I kept buried and thought I forgot.

By addressing the concern, I felt lighter after only one session. I went home happier, then had a few follow up sessions to remove any residuals and other problems that were not so obvious to resolve…. problems I chucked away because I thought there were no answers to.

I slept heavily after the sessions. It was like a body and mind reset and was able to start anew the next day. Like a new lease on life. To let go of burdens of many years overnight can cause drastic changes in life. You can hear the birds chirping. You develop a greater appreciation for all facets of life and most importantly you complain less.

As a doctor I know many causes of pain can be through the mind. The thoughts and traumas we hold onto can manifest as pain in parts of our body. I urge you, if you have not found the cause of your pain, try Logical Soul® and see how you can change how you feel today.  (Bangalore, India; June 2021)


Geeta Logical Soul testimonialThis year – 2020 – has been the best year of my life . . . because I connected with my inner self, sorting a jig-saw that evaded me for years.  Thank you Soma!! 
(Bangalore, India; November, 2020)



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