A Time For Pirates…?

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Dr. Michael Craig,   Vol. 5, #30 – August 11, 2017. Published weekly (except when its not).

So what gives?  Don’t we have anything better to do in August??  

I’m talking about the fact that there are no “official” holidays in August.  But that not due to lack of trying…

Hey, today is my sainted grandmother’s 124th birthday (God rest her soul).  Three days ago it was my wife’s birthday.  Not enough for you?  Try this:  

International Pirate Month

August is for pirates.  You know… the swashbuckling kind.  The ones with peg legs, parrots, and all that…

—–>  Read all about it here 

Sorry, but that’s all I have for you this week.  Next week my wife is back from New York City and we’ll get down to some serious (almost) book writing.  

Till then . . . Aaaaaaarrrrrgggh!!



To your health and happiness,
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