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[Ezine] How to Manifest Your Dream

logical soul ezine


Dr. Michael Craig,   Vol. 5, #34 – September 5, 2017. Published weekly (except when its not).

Things Happens By Design

Last week I told you the story of meeting John and Mary, and how that meeting lead to Soma and I ordering our DNA tests to find out how to avoid diseases latent in our genes . . . something I’ve wanted to see happen for decades.  

This week another miracle blast happened.

Before I go into the details, however, let me lay the groundwork by saying that I’ve always been interested in healing miracles, shamanism, meditation, and love to watch shows on healing, ancient astronauts and earth mysteries.  

I also held the vision of retiring in a few years to some coastal area, maybe in some exotic location like Panama, Nicaragua, Ecuador or Peru.   I would continue to work by giving sessions,  working as a chiropractor, or holding transformation workshops.

Fast Forward to Today  

Through a series of unforeseen events and contacts, I now have a firm job offer to be a chiropractor in Lima, Peru!

There are obviously some major details that have to be worked out before the final decision is made, I can tell you this much – my dream job came about because of two things:

  1. A Strong Vision, and
  2. Getting out of my own way.

Vision Makes It All Happen

When you have a real vision, nature moves heaven and earth to bring about the circumstances for your vision to happen.  My guru Maharishi used to say “support of nature” is a strong indication that you are supposed to be doing something.  

This past week, I have a lot of support of nature.  While I’m supposed to leave next month (!) and will be separated from my wife for awhile, this opening is one I feel I must go through.  I will keep you updated.

The other element is equally important, i.e., get our of your own way!

Are you afraid of change or making big decisions?  This may be due to subconscious hidden decisions that keep you stuck in the past.  You will therefore miss the little hints that may be regularly popping up – that gossamer thread – that will lead to your dream.

The Logical Soul® is designed to let you break through all barriers – past, present and future – that may be limiting your success in life. 

Do You Have a Dream?

Do you have some idea you’ve been dreaming about for a while, but maybe thought it had no chance of coming true?  I have just six words for you:  Take Action and Don’t Give Up!  

Recently I’ve been taking steps to renew my chiropractic license in Georgia.  By chance, I got in touch with an old chiropractic classmate of mine after 25 years, and mentioned my interest in travel.  He gave me the name of a doctor in Peru who needed an associate.

The number I called, however, did not work, and my friend didn’t have another one.

I could have given up, but I didn’t.  Through an intense online search I was able to find another number for the doctor, i.e., the number of his wife in Florida who was advertising for help on an obscure website.

This number worked.

I spoke with Marta, the doctor’s Peruvian wife, at length, sent them my resume, and received an email from the doctor in Peru the next day with the good news.

Go For It

The universe offers you great opportunities, but the hints are very subtle.  It takes desire, patience, and the ability to follow the gossamer thread of events that lead to the next step, that may eventually lead to your vision – or something greater.

If you take these little steps, and are not afraid to make big decisions, great things can happen.   If you don’t, you’ll be stuck with more of the same.  

Here’s to your unlimited Success,

Christmas in July…?

Santa ClausSaint Nick messed us up.  Big time.

If you want something as a child, you either ask your parents, grandparents, or that guy at the mall called Santa Claus. And (assuming you’ve been “good”) you’ll actually get it! Great deal, huh? Want something. Get results.

We didn’t know it then, but “we was had!”

When you grow up, this process no longer works. While it makes sense as a child to expect that your cuteness will bring “stuff,” as an adult, you are no longer as cute. In fact, you must often work hard for what you get! Many people, however, continue to follow this “desire = results” pattern as adults in the form of positive thinking and affirmations and expect the world to support these desires. Further, they refuse to look at the reality of the situation and change.

I call this adult affliction “The Santa Claus Theory of Reality.”

Actually, the Santa Claus approach may still work . . . if you’re a CEO and have a staff of people working for you.  But even here, you’ve already laid the foundation for the results to happen!

If you are NOT a CEO or have folks doing your bidding, you must begin the manifestation process using practical approaches that involve concrete belief, thought and action.  Otherwise nothing constructive will happen.


If you believe that sincere hope, prayer, or the Law of Attraction will save you, forget it. The Law of Attraction will give you results based on what you believe inside . . . not on some fanciful idea of prosperity or theory of manifestation based on your imagined wants or needs.

Your subconscious mind – like Santa Claus – knows when you’ve been bad or good . . so be good, for goodness sakes!!

In my practice I often come face to face with those who still believe in Santa Claus.  It is then my job to help my patients or clients see that belief alone will not do it.  The reason some people are able to accomplish their goals in life is because the strength of their deepest thoughts and desires matches their actions.

Bringing a client to a place where he or she can manifest thought and desire requires that I help them discover their inner strength, and to focus on where they are and where they want to be.   Once they stop being weak and scattered,  they are transformed and amazing things begin to happen!

Here’s how it works… 

If your innermost self (subconscious) is conflicted about a thought or desire, your results will be conflicted as well.

On the other hand,  if your Soul (or true self) is dynamic, strong, and clear, it naturally follows that your thoughts, desires, actions, and results will follow. It all comes down to who you ARE . . . not who you think you are!

Manifestation has little or nothing to do with who you’d like to be, or who other people think you are – but who you truly are at the deepest level.

Next week I’ll go over how the mind actually works to deliver both good – and not so good – results.  Stay tuned 🙂