[EZINE] A Gift from Your Ancestors…

logical soul ezine

Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #4 – Jan. 25, 2016



Ancestors Are Now Cool…

After a long hibernation, the idea of learning about (and contacting) our ancestors is finally a hot topic of discussion.

Last week I mentioned how many cultures throughout the world treat ancestors as a living part of their everyday life.  In non-native North America, not so much.

But that is changing. Online searches, and recent archaeological finds indicate that our past is much more mysterious than we ever thought possible.  TV documentaries like Ancient Aliens, Celebrity Ancestors, and popularity of websites like ancestry.com prove that the yearning we all feel to connect with something – or someone – who can take us beyond our mundane awareness is very strong.

Now there is a way to do this quickly and easily, and is the topic of my latest article about:

—> How To Tap Into Your Ancestry to overcome persistent problems <——

In this blog post/article, I not only talk about the link or connection you have RIGHT NOW with your ancestors, but also

—-> How to use this link to increase your happiness and enjoyment of life! <—-

I even lay out a very simple visualization exercise and even a script for you to start using right away by yourself, or with your coaching clients.  This exercise is not meant to replace therapy (we coaches don’t DO therapy!), but is a quick way to both discover and dissolve blocks that keep you and your clients stuck. I call it…

—-> The Logical Soul(R) Family Conference <—-

and want to give this to you as a gift to my subscribers who are looking for a very effective tool they can use to blast through mental/emotional obstacles.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you.  When ancestral (epigenetic) involvement is indicated, this stuff works!

And there’s much more to come…

To your continued success,

– Michael