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Dr. Michael Craig, 

Vol. 3, #28 – July 13, 2015

First An Announcement…

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Mind: The Guru Connection…

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi“The nature of the mind…” I first heard those words many years ago from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918-2008) …

Those of you who know me may remember I practice Transcendental Meditation(R), or “TM” on a daily basis, and have been doing so for almost 45 years.  I was also personally trained by Maharishi  as a teacher of “TM”, and was  part of his worldwide movement in the 1970’s and 80’s that taught millions of people,  including such celebrities as the Beatles, Merv Griffin, Clint Eastwood, Jerry Seinfeld, presidents, prime ministers, and many others.

The reason I bring all this up is not to claim any “inside connection” with Maharishi or celebrities… I have none.  I just wanted to point out that it was my practice of TM that gave birth to my understanding of the nature of the mind . . . and that this is the foundation of what later became the Logical Soul(R)!

—> Listen to what Maharishi has to say about this Nature of the Mind <–

It is no accident that, after years of research, trial and error, I discovered that Maharishi was on to something really big . . . and that he also planted the seed that grew into my lifelong work.  For this I am forever indebted to his teachings, and the time I was privileged to spend in his presence.

It’s All Here —> http://mycoachtraining.com/2015/07/maharishi-nature-mind/

To your Continued Success,

P.S., I haven’t taught in decades, but have gained a greater appreciation for both TM and Maharishi in recent years:  http://mycoachtraining.com/2015/07/maharishi-nature-mind/