[Ezine] The Story of a Shattered Arm…

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by Dr. Michael Craig
Vol. 3, Issue 17,   April 27, 2015

It was a dark and stormy night . . . 

Not really, but it was just as scary!  I won’t spend much time here about how I ended up with a deformed forearm, except to say …

==> You can read the whole story here <==

This tale of woe has it all:  the Atlanta Beltline, danger, a unicycle, x-rays, the Nepalese earthquake(!), and a demonstration at the yearly Laughter Yoga Conference that you will NOT want to miss!

==> See the Story and Video here <==

It’s all for fun this week.  Next week I will return with more tidbits of coaching excellence!  Meanwhile, check out the video of me taking my life in my hands…

To your success,

Michael Craig



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