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Dr. Michael Craig, Volume 3, Issue #19, May 11, 2015

[newsfield name=”name”] – This week I have some exciting news . . . well its news to ME, and no doubt will be news to you, even after almost a year in print…  You see, a friend of mine sent me an article he found in an older issue of DISCOVER Magazine that blew my mind!

I don’t normally throw out such superlatives, but if you are in the field of health or coaching, this latest blog post will add a LOT of value to your life . . . no kidding . . . and the lives of your coaching clients!

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Apparently there is more to the so-called “placebo effect” than the powers-that-be are letting on.  This inner phenomenon actually has a brain chemical component that is just now being discovered and researched in-depth . . . and the implications of this research will change the way you see both health and coaching forever!

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There is nothing to buy.  No sales pitch.  I just wanted to share my excitement with you!

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