[Ezine] Will you survive this Election?

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Dr.Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #44 – November 7, 2016

Happy Voting Tomorrow!

donal trump hillary clintonLike this time last week, frightening things roam the earth – this time in the form of two very unpopular candidates, each vying to become the latest “Czar” of these United States.  Tomorrow’s results should (hopefully!) tell us.

As in other election cycles, this one is also about survival:  why the OTHER candidate (the one you don’t support) cannot win because he or she will bring fire, brimstone, and damnation down upon all of us true believers and leave the world a charred mess of chaos and ruin. 

This is actually normal for US presidential elections. 

—–> See How Other Presidents Really Screwed Up <——

Remembering Old Things

William Falkner once wrote “The past is never dead.  It’s not even past.”  Old ideas or memes never go away, they just repeat themselves every few generations as if they were newly-minted and never before seen.  

So, here we go again. 

I’m old enough to remember Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 TV ad (yes, we had TV in those days) that showed a little girl picking petals off a daisy, offset by an exploding nuclear bomb.  The implication?  Barry Goldwater would set off a nuclear war! 

He didn’t.  We’re still here. 

But that didn’t stop others from pinning the same threat on Reagan years later.  By the way, both parties engage in this same rampant pettyfogging. 

The point is that probably neither Hillary nor The Donald will set off a war or other disaster. They might mess up a bunch of things, but so does EVERY president since the beginning of our nation. 

Even saintly George Washington, Father of our Nation, was roundly criticized.  He once had to beat down a “whiskey Rebellion” because moonshiners bristled at the thought of him forcing them to pay high taxes on homemade liquor.   


Survive and Prosper

One of my hobbies is reading little-known tidbits about presidents past.  I finally put down in writing some of these weird and wonderful facts in an article I wrote earlier today called:

—–>  The Election Survival Guide <——

Check it out.  The article is full of fun facts I know you will enjoy!

To your health and success (in spite of Tuesday’s results),

  • Michael