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[EZINE] Proof: Lolly-Gagging Helps Your Work

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Dr. Michael Craig,   Vol. 5, #17 – May 2, 2017

Getaway Facts

Want to be more productive at work or on the job? 

Take time off this summer!

As I write this, I’m also preparing to head out to my Tennessee log cabin for a few days of rest  (and the usually “must be done” tasks that keep me going up there every so often).   I enjoy this getaway time, and my ability to focus on my work and family is enhanced because of my “alone time.” 

Are you taking advantage of all that’s available to you?  Most Americans don’t. 

According to author Tanya Mohn in a 2014 Forbes Magazine article:

More than forty percent of American workers who received paid time off did not take all of their allotted time last year, despite the obvious personal benefits, according to “An Assessment of Paid Time Off in the U.S.” commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association, a trade group, and completed by Oxford Economics.

Americans left an average of 3.2 paid time off days unused in 2013, totaling 429 million unused days for U.S. workers.

According to the study, most managers recognize the benefits taking time off from work provide to employees: higher productivity, stronger workplace morale, greater employee retention, and significant health benefits. But nearly 34 percent of employees surveyed indicated that their employer neither encouraged nor discouraged leave, and 17 percent of managers considered employees who take all of their leave to be less dedicated, according to the survey’s findings.

And four in ten American workers said their employer supported time off, but their heavy workload kept them from using their earned days.

Idea:  Do Less; Accomplish More

Ms. Mohn went on to add that, despite the myriad benefits of taking time off,  American workers usually succumb to the pressure of self-imposed and guilt-laden reasons why they can’t take the time off to which they are entitled.  Adam Sacks, president of the Tourism Economics division of Oxford Economics, said “Leaving earned days on the table harms, not helps, employers by creating a less productive and less loyal employee.

Bottom Line?  TAKE that vacation this summer!  You will do yourself – and your business or company – a HUGE favor!!

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[EZINE] Why Your Doctor Might Miss Depression…

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Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #16 – April 18, 2016

She Was Feeling Down…

Hi [newsfield name=”name”]…

For the past several months, my wife Soma has been feeling down and “out of body” most of the time.  After a few stressful events and oral surgery she started exhibiting symptoms that I recognized as a chiropractor as being related to depression: 

  • Loss of appetite, then binge eating
  • Lack of desire for sex or exercise
  • Loss of motivation
  • Brain fog
  • Weight gain or “puffiness”
  • Empty feeling, and
  • Loss of ambition and creativity.

Maybe you – or someone you know – has these symptoms as well.  If so, read on.  There may be something here you can use or suggest as part of an overall cure.

Normally, my wife is NOT depressed.  But because of some recent stress and surgery,  I wasn’t too worried.  I chalked these symptoms up to a case of simple anxiety.

But the anxiety continued.  And so did my concern.

Search For The Solution

Often I refer Soma’s care out to a few doctors I know who do a great job.  She had been seeing these lately, however, without much change.  That’s when I decided to get involved again…

Knowing my wife – and by using a few quick tests with Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) – I was able to quickly determine that the problem involved not only her liver, gall bladder, right brain hemisphere, and sometimes kidneys (according to the other doctors).

It had to be something else, since all her dozen or so supplements weren’t helping!

It then dawned on me – these were the same symptoms I had myself years ago, and determined that her thyroid was involved (thyroid malfunction can often cause symptoms of depression, since it feeds so many systems and organs) . . .

Since she was already on a natural thyroid compound (not synthetic!), I recommended she increase her dosage slightly.  She did, and the results were amazing:  “I feel like a different person!”  she exclaimed.

I was happy too.

—–> Check Out How your THYROID might be contributing to your Depression! <—–

Now, I’m not suggesting you run out, watch a few YouTube videos, then start diagnosing and treating thyroid deficiencies.  What I AM suggesting, however, is that you consider another possibility that even most doctors miss!

I’m a doctor, and I missed this for many years . . . until I had the problem myself.  THEN my awareness of it grew!  The fact is, most doctors get thyroid diagnosis wrong.  They often use outdated blood tests (e.g., “the “TSH Protocol”) that leave out some really important factors, like the fact that Flouride in the drinking water can hijack the readings!

—->  Find Out How Flouride Affects Your Thyroid Function! <—–

Get Dr. Starr’s and Dr. Tennant’s books and read them if you think this is a problem in your family.  Then contact them to find a doctor in your area who understands the true causes of Hypo-thyroidism (decreased thyroid function).

It may save your life… or the life of someone you love!

To your success,