Dr. Craig is Back in the USA

Because work and health circumstances have changed and other chiropractors have arrived or been established (Dr. John and Dr. Kruti), Dr. Michael Craig has left India for his home in Atlanta, effective March 3, 2021.

Clinic director Jayul Doshi (left) says “Dr. Craig will be sorely missed.  He is responsible for the great successes of our clinics in both Indiranagar and Whitefield, and will return  as soon as we can settle a few things.”  

Says Craig, “I promised some people I will be back… and I fully intend to keep this promise!  My work here is finished for the moment, but there is much groundwork to lay for future endeavors in Asia.” 

He goes on to add “Apparently the biggest reason for my leaving is because the government may be deporting expatriates older than 60 for Covid safety reasons.  I just decided to leave a little early to avoid being kicked out.”