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[EZINE] Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This…

logical soul ezine

Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #17 – April 25, 2016

Is a Monkey on Your Back…?

I know how you feel [newsfield name=”name”]…

Last week, I talked about depression, and how doctors often get the diagnosis and treatment wrong (see my Feb. 21, 2015 Blog Post).  Today I want to talk a little bit about a similar state – Overwhelm – and how this problem contributes to

  • Loss of energy and focus
  • Fight-or-Flight responses, i.e., fear and anxiety
  • Sudden anger flareups (road rage)
  • Tightness in the Solar Plexus
  • Feelings of exhaustion
  • Feelings of hopelessness, and a
  • Desire to say “No” to everything and everyone.

Some folks even have symptoms like sudden loss of blood sugar, fainting, and even heat attacks.  Most people, however, simply feel a tightness in the stomach and muscles, and a desire for some kind of relief.

Left unchecked, feelings of overwhelm can lead to seizures… or worse!  

I often feel slightly overwhelmed, so I can speak on this subject with some first-hand experience.  For me, the symptoms are often subtle – linked with a desire to accomplish something I think is important.  Then I get caught up with the task and forget to take a break, eat, or go to sleep.  Loss of sleep, coupled with overwork, naturally leads to consistent feelings of overwhelm. 

So, other than giving up important activities, what’s the solution?  I wanted to know, so I dug out some important resources and spent more valuable time searching . . . figured this is the important “break” I’ve been looking for 😉

Time Off Means Different Things

“Maybe we need a vacation.”

This is the phrase my wife often throws out when she wants to get off the overwhelm wagon.  For me, it just brings up more stress!

To me – and workaholics like me – a “vacation” implies two things:

  • Working harder before and after the vacation time, and
  • Fretting about unfinished work while sitting on the beach, at the bar, etc.

But I go on the vacation anyway, knowing it has a real healing effect on my wife.  Meanwhile I make a concerted effort to let go, once I’m in the car or on the jet plane.

But to me, “Time Off” really means letting go of the NEED to accomplish things!!

You see, I get attached to those silly tasks that take up my life and don’t bring me more health or money.  Things like fixing the shed out back, grooming the cat, and sorting my emails are all great, but just add to that same feeling that I’m not accomplishing anything.

But I FORGET to notice what’s really important, and what’s not.  So here’s what I came up with to help me out . . .

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Time Management

Here are the steps I take (whenever I can remember) to release feelings of overwhelm:

  1. Notice the feeling – If it sin my solar plexus, it often means I took on someone else’s “stuff” – fear, anxiety or anger.
  2. Let the feeling go – This doesn’t mean stop working.  It just means to let go.
  3. Turn off outside distractions.  If the TV or radio is blaring, off it!
  4. Breathe.  In addition to keeping you alive, breathing also releases endorphins, and shuts off the “Sympathetic On” button.
  5. Quick Regression.  Go back to the first time you remember feeling this way.  As an adult, go in and “save your inner child” from whatever trauma may have caused the overwhelm.
  6. Come back in your body.  Feeling “besides yourself” could be an indication you left! Do this while breathing.
  7. Decide on how best to manage your Time.  Use one of the other dozen or so methods to effectively manage your time (Dozens of books have been written on this part, but few ever even mention Steps 1-6)!

This whole process will only take about 10-15 minutes, and will leave you refreshed and alive. I use this as part of my Logical Soul(R) method, but you don’t have to know the whole thing to get some quick relief!

In a Hurry?  Try This…

There is an even FASTER way to get relief from overwhelm…

—–> Check out this Rollicking Overwhelm-Kicking Technique!  <—–

Let me know how these work for you.

To your success,


[EZINE] Why Your Doctor Might Miss Depression…

logical soul ezine

Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #16 – April 18, 2016

She Was Feeling Down…

Hi [newsfield name=”name”]…

For the past several months, my wife Soma has been feeling down and “out of body” most of the time.  After a few stressful events and oral surgery she started exhibiting symptoms that I recognized as a chiropractor as being related to depression: 

  • Loss of appetite, then binge eating
  • Lack of desire for sex or exercise
  • Loss of motivation
  • Brain fog
  • Weight gain or “puffiness”
  • Empty feeling, and
  • Loss of ambition and creativity.

Maybe you – or someone you know – has these symptoms as well.  If so, read on.  There may be something here you can use or suggest as part of an overall cure.

Normally, my wife is NOT depressed.  But because of some recent stress and surgery,  I wasn’t too worried.  I chalked these symptoms up to a case of simple anxiety.

But the anxiety continued.  And so did my concern.

Search For The Solution

Often I refer Soma’s care out to a few doctors I know who do a great job.  She had been seeing these lately, however, without much change.  That’s when I decided to get involved again…

Knowing my wife – and by using a few quick tests with Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) – I was able to quickly determine that the problem involved not only her liver, gall bladder, right brain hemisphere, and sometimes kidneys (according to the other doctors).

It had to be something else, since all her dozen or so supplements weren’t helping!

It then dawned on me – these were the same symptoms I had myself years ago, and determined that her thyroid was involved (thyroid malfunction can often cause symptoms of depression, since it feeds so many systems and organs) . . .

Since she was already on a natural thyroid compound (not synthetic!), I recommended she increase her dosage slightly.  She did, and the results were amazing:  “I feel like a different person!”  she exclaimed.

I was happy too.

—–> Check Out How your THYROID might be contributing to your Depression! <—–

Now, I’m not suggesting you run out, watch a few YouTube videos, then start diagnosing and treating thyroid deficiencies.  What I AM suggesting, however, is that you consider another possibility that even most doctors miss!

I’m a doctor, and I missed this for many years . . . until I had the problem myself.  THEN my awareness of it grew!  The fact is, most doctors get thyroid diagnosis wrong.  They often use outdated blood tests (e.g., “the “TSH Protocol”) that leave out some really important factors, like the fact that Flouride in the drinking water can hijack the readings!

—->  Find Out How Flouride Affects Your Thyroid Function! <—–

Get Dr. Starr’s and Dr. Tennant’s books and read them if you think this is a problem in your family.  Then contact them to find a doctor in your area who understands the true causes of Hypo-thyroidism (decreased thyroid function).

It may save your life… or the life of someone you love!

To your success,


[EZINE] Weird Australian Math…?

logical soul ezine

Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #15 – April 11, 2016

Arithmetic Down Under…

Hey [newsfield name=”name”]…

I have a very smart friend in Australia named David Cummings.  He’s an engineer, a business marketing genius . . .  and has a very unique way of seeing things using some very weird math…

One day we were sitting around chewing the the Vegemite with some shrimps on the Bar-Bee (just kidding – I’ve not yet been to Australia.  Want to.  Heard its lovely.  But I digress…)

Anyway, we Skype quite often.  One day on Skype he told me that – by giving away more stuff – I could actually attract more coaching clients.  He said he’s been marketing like this for years, and the results were amazing.

At first glance, I saw nothing weird about this.  I, too, recommend giving away free coaching sessions in my book The Six Figure Coach. David, however, added a real twist to this wild and woolly giveaway idea… and posted a great article to share with my followers:

—->  Here is David’s Article on the Free Giveaway Idea <—–

The thing that puzzled me was this:  Why was he recommending giving away THREE things? . . . In addition to the Free Sessions?  This was strange math to me, i.e., 1 minus 1 minus 1 is NOT supposed to equal THREE!

But I guess it does in Australia, sort of . . . like how the water circles counter-clockwise going down the drain?  😉

—-> Find out how David does this here <—–

So check it out.  All I can tell you is that David’s formula involves giving away unique information products along with your free coaching that are almost guaranteed to attract – and keep – more paying clients!

—–> Click Here To Check It Out <—–

To your success,


[EZINE] The Formula For Success…

logical soul ezine

Dr. Michael Craig

Vol. 4, #14 – April 4, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened

On the way to Tybee Island, Georgia…

I was doing my best to keep my eyes on the road and see the flow of traffic.   Suddenly it started pouring down rain and my vision became really impaired.

You see, I have double vision anyway, and just don’t do well driving and night or in bad weather.  I therefore turned the wheel over to my lovely wife who continued to head down I-16 to Tybee where we were meeting friends and family to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

Then it happened . . . in the midst of the pouring rain and a long road trip . . . I felt happy!

I suddenly became aware of simple things, like how the raindrops fell on the windshield, the wetness of my water bottle, and how some drivers (my wife and I call them ‘The Immortals’) weave in and out of traffic in hopes of (I guess) “winning” the race to God knows where…

But nothing seemed to matter in that authentic moment of peace.

The Meaning of Success

beach2The definition of Success to most of humanity usually involves money and financial well-being.  While this definitely plays a part for me, real success is so much more than that.  As any truly successful person will tell you, success is actually “a state of mind.”

This trip to Tybee made me think of this topic, mainly because its the home home of two of our best friends in the world – Chuck and Melinda – who are also two of the most successful people I know.  I’ve known Chuck, like forever, so my wife and I occasionally pop in whenever there’s an invitation and the Big City gets a bit too much for us.

While Chuck and Melinda have never been rich financially (their home is the oldest and smallest one on their street), they love their family, make friends easily, and appreciate the smallest things in life.  Our idea of a great time, for example is to share these small things:  walks on the beach,  the sunshine, a glass of wine, herbs from the garden, jamming on guitars, and even watching the traffic go by on their street with partying teens, vacationing families, and other inland folks looking for a little ocean air.

We agree on very little politically, our music jams sound like screaming cats, and cell reception at their house is very poor, but you know what? . . . It doesn’t matter!

The Formula

I think you probably know where I’m going with this.

The same success formula I speak of is the same one my Grandmother taught me decades ago, and the same one that rings true for each and every generation that will take time to sit still and listen. There is, after all, nothing new under the sun . . .

Happiness is a Decision – even in stillness and nothingness.

Happiness doesn’t come in a bottle, TV or smart phone.  Nor is it held in the bank, your garage, portfolio, or safe.  Happiness has little to do with excitement or adrenaline, and is often lost in the search for love, riches, fame, and the need to feel good.

Happiness is a decision.   Without the decision to find happiness wherever you are, whoever you are with, and in whatever you do (even if its nothing), you won’t be able to slow down long enough to get off your I-phone . . . much less smell the roses.

So, a funny thing happened on the way to Tybee: I had another blast of happiness . .. . and I wanted to share it with you.

To your real success,


P.S., The best things in life are those that are shared… and many are free!  So don’t forget to check out also the 5 critical pages every website needs in order to be effective:

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