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Life Coaching is a Noble Endeavor. It also is one of the least paying ones . . . unless you know how to
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The Logical Soul® is a method that not only propels your Clients to amazing heights, it will also transform YOUR life in a Flash! Watch what former students and graduates of the Logical Soul® Training (LST) have to say about something that can IMMEDIATELY help your Coaching Clients . . . No matter what their problem or situation!! Then sign up below for this incredible Introductory 12-Video Training that will put you on the road to earning 6 figures or more as a coach! 


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WHAT YOU WILL LEARN over the course of this 12-Video Introductory Training Course:
  • The #1 Reason Why Most Coaches Fail
  • How to Discover Your Niche and Ideal Client (or Avatar)
  • Why You Are Best Suited to Add Incredible Value to This Client in One Session
  • How “Divine Listening” is the New Model for All Effective Coaching
  • An Immediate Way to Access Subconscious Factors that Sabotage Client Success
  • The Six-Figure Marketing Plan: How to Launch a Powerful Coaching Practice, and
  • How to Become a “Coaching Kahuna” – One That Your Ideal Client Prospects will SEEK OUT, HIRE WITHOUT QUESTION, and FOLLOW COMPLETELY!!
If you ever wanted to discover the most powerful coaching programs on the planet, here is your chance to get a powerful taste . . . and you only risk is a few hours of your time. You don’t even risk your seventeen bucks! Here’s the deal: if watching all these amazing videos you don’t feel you’ve gotten at least 10 times the value of your investment, I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked!
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Another Testimonial:

“Coaching changes lives. But this actually depends more on the coach than the client. When the coach is clear of limitations and focused on the success of his or her client, everyone wins! . . . The key to [coach] training is taking care of your inner beliefs first. That’s why I love Dr. Michael Craig’s work; he knows success is an inside job! . . . Dr. Craig’s work stands out because he guides you to the ‘invisible forces’ operating in your life. Change those and you can attract and help more people.”
- Dr. Joe Vitale
, star of The Secret (from the Foreword to The Six Figure Coach)