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The Logical Soul® is a simple technique, usually done with a partner, that allows for self-inquiry, leading to:

  • Greater Mind Capacity & Awareness
  • Greater Peace and Happiness
  • More Energy & Motivation
  • Better Health
  • More Harmonious Relationships
  • & More Money! 

Anxiety Attacks Gone!

Followup: Attacks Never Came Back

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Dee Bulgar

“Regarding my personal Logical Soul experience: I can say that the experience has been one of the most liberating moments in my life!  I have always known that my past had a major impact on me. However, I did not become aware that I was still in bondage until you uncovered the root cause of what I had coined as ‘being in my own way.’  My spirit has been so free from that moment on. Not only do I believe that my spirit has been set free and open to the world, it has become evident with my willingness to share with others my ‘secrets’ that I previously never wanted anyone to know.

“Thank you so much for liberating me as a Woman, Speaker, Writer, Teacher and Preacher.  You have truly tapped into a very unique way of exposing our subconscious beliefs.  I have no doubt that the Logical Soul Technique will become one of the most sought after training in the industry.  Thank you again and I look forward to taking your training !” – Dee Bulgar, 5/2/13



E-Mail from Toni in North Carolina (10/22/12):

“My session with Michael was profound and in many ways so much more than I expected . . .  would best be described as therapeutic.  By that I mean, after (my son) John passed 19 months ago, I had about six therapy sessions.  The Hospice Therapist was new at this work, therefore inexperienced.  She was a loving, compassionate young woman, but I did not find my time with her to be helpful in handling the grief.  Honestly, I felt I was helping and teaching her more than she me.

“This past June, when my grieving was again accelerating (due to what would have been John’s upcoming 50th birthday, I am sure), I decided to go to another therapist (Jungian).  After a few sessions, realizing I was not receiving the help I needed, I stopped the sessions.  My hour with you was the best therapy session I have ever experienced, few that they may have been.  I have told all my Circle friends this.

“I was surprised when you found that I had not made a firm commitment to stay on this planet.  I sincerely believed I had dealt with that issue successfully; one I readily admit I had after my loving son transitioned.  So, I have thought a great deal about this since the session, and I acknowledge that you are correct.  I simply have been better able to hide it from others.  Now that it is out, so to speak, I am again working to find a place of joy so that I do wish to stay.  Also, working to trust life again.  Infinite love and gratitude to you both…”  Toni

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