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The Logical Soul® is a simple technique that allows for instant self-discovery and inner guidance leading to the following:

              • Greater Mind Capacity & Awareness

              • Greater Peace and Happiness

              • Better Health

              • Reduced Stress in Life

              • More Energy & Motivation

              • More Harmonious Relationships

              • & More Money! 

Logical Soul: How It Works

Check Out All the Ways Logical Soul® Can Help You: 

How Logical Soul® Works

Stop Anxiety Attacks

Stop Guilt Anxiety

End Confusion About Life

Overcome Childhood Trauma

Overcome Self Sabotage

Overcome Anger and Depression

Attract Positive Relationships

How to Attract Money

Attract Wealth and Success

Keys to Great Health


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“Regarding my personal Logical Soul® experience: I can say that the experience has been one of the most liberating moments in my life!  I have always known that my past had a major impact on me. However, I did not become aware that I was still in bondage until you uncovered the root cause of what I had coined as ‘being in my own way.’  My spirit has been so free from that moment on. Not only do I believe that my spirit has been set free and open to the world, it has become evident with my willingness to share with others my ‘secrets’ that I previously never wanted anyone to know.

“Thank you so much for liberating me as a Woman, Speaker, Writer, Teacher and Preacher.  You have truly tapped into a very unique way of exposing our subconscious beliefs.  I have no doubt that the Logical Soul® Technique will become one of the most sought after training in the industry.

Thank you again and I look forward to taking your training !”  – (Atlanta, GA USA  May 2, 2013)





Kelly Cole

Tommie Powers